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This is the - temporary - official albeit small website of Swedish metal band ANTIBODY. A full-scale website should be under construction shortly, but until then, this is it. We set this up just so that you could download mp3's of our songs until we have a proper site to direct you to.


UPDATE JAN 20: new website address!
The address for this website as of today:
The upgrade means we'll be able to put all our releases in mp3 format on the site (more space). All of this will be taken care of in the not-too-distant future. I have a bunch of exams to get through this week and the next, but then I´ll get down to business upgrading the website. Stay tuned.
We will be redesigning this website during 2005. A new pro website (same URL) should be up sometime in the summmer of 2005. In the meantime, get the new CD.
OK, so the holiday season is over and the new CD is ready for shipping. E-mail us at for ordering info, but hurry up - the 1000 copies of the last CD sold out quickly. We may reissue it during 2005.
The mp3 section of this site will be updated with new stuff soon - we gotta reassemble our brain cells after this hectic year first. Thanks to all the people, mags and webzines who supported us throughout 2004!
/CW Antibody
"Consigned to oblivion" is the most expensive recording so far. Antibody Productions CFO, Anna Larsson, has estimated the total expenses to about
2 500 euro.
This is another reason for us to hope for your blessing with this one.
UPDATE DEC 12: R.I.P., Dime
Rest in peace, Dimebag Darrell.
/CW Hellfukk
UPDATE NOV 15: Notes from hell.
As my fellow-bandmate announced in the "update" below, we´re finished. Happy and pleased with the result we came to the conclusion this is the most interesting demo, of the three. Prepare for a journey and please listen to it more the twice when it´s released. There are so many details added to the whole koncept, you possibly can´t catch them instantly. Yet again we´ve evolved as musicians by making this demo.
Yup. I´ve been back home in Uppsala this weekend, recording, and we´re happy to announce that we finished recording our third release yesterday. That makes it THREE releases in ONE year! We just have one or two minor mixing details to oversee (maybe), and then we have to print the booklets, et al. But expect it to be out before 2004 becomes 2005.
As MG has posted on here before, we´ve integrated the rehearsal studio into the recording studio, and now that we done fucken three releases in a year, we´ll probably spend some time rehearsing them before we get down to working on the fourth demo. As for me personally, I´m looking forward to just doing some jamming again. We´ve been so goal-oriented this year that it´ll be fun to just go in, crank it up and play. But as is per usual in the world of ANTIBODY, we have a few ideas up our sleeves already...
Watch this space for release date details coming ASAP.
/C.W. Sleaze Hellfukk Heatseeker For Strife Antibody 
Reviews-section updated with a new one (review) from
Heya. Back in Uppsala for the weekend, and we've recorded some hella cool shit - you're in for a surprise or two. The new material is both more thrash and more experimental than its ever been. I can honestly say I don't know of a single band that sounds like the stuff we've recorded this weekend, and I mean that in the most self-congratulatory way possible! =P There's a real cool film score-type intro (and we're talking MUSIC here, not just some lame sample), a thrasher that will blow speakers and hopefully minds too, some stuff that sounds like... I dunno; ANTIBODY, I guess, and so on and so forth.
I'll be zooming back to Uppsala after my first exam at vet tech school to finish the CD, which means it will definitely be out before the end of the year - which makes it the third ANTIBODY release this year, which is pretty fucking good by anyone's standards!
How to finish this post? Well... to everyone who didn't believe in us:
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Ha fucking ha /CW ANTIBODY
Update, Oct 8:
We´ve rebuilt the studio and integrated it with our rehearsal-gear. This means that more time can be spent on rehearsing some old shit and probably some "live-tracks" will be put out early next year.
Update, OCT 1:
We will cut one song from the tracklist for the new demo. We postpone a song named Wildfire so that we can finish the demo sooner. We have about 13 minutes of Antibody-metal ready for you and the demo will be released early in november. To finish Wildfire would take about a month or so, due to Wibergs absence and my lack of concentration.
Update, SEP 30: Reviews section uppdated
Antibody looks set to appear on the compilation album "Defenders of metal II", to be released by Portland, Oregon-based MIB Music, thus making it the first US release by the band! More news as we get them.
Update, Sep 20:
I´ve been framed! Probably I have to record the leadsong over a phone, stuck in some high-secured jail.
The only reason I tell you this is that I feel so fucking sorry for myself, ´cause I am really wrongfully accused.
God I haven´t even become a rockstar yet. Still some crazy person told the police I assulted her, trying to kick her in the head. The fact that I am lithe as a safe, having problems to put my socks on in the morning, don´t seem to benefit my defense. My atourney demands for temporary insanity and pleeds for psychiatric help. The prosecutor wants to see me behind bars.
But hey...I didn´t do a god damn thing. That´s a promise.
Update, Sep 19: Online again
OK, so I finally got my cable connection up and running. I'll start with adding a few reviews to the site today; it's been lagging a little. Other Antibody news:
- Since the CDs are sold out (except for the reissue of "Dreaming..."), we're putting out a very basic, DIY disc with our two demos on one CD, as well as a couple of previously unreleased demo tracks that we never intended to release. It will just be the music and a simple xeroxxed B&W cover. Anyone within three feet of me will get a copy. Look for it in about a week - we gotta secure song rights to one of the unreleased tracks first ("A little strange"). Until then, I'll start printing CDs of the two last demos (on one disc) and giving away to everyone. The first wave of Antibody promotion was quality, but since we're all out of stuff, we might as well go for a quantity wave.
- As you know, we're working on a new demo, and I zoomed back to Uppsala to work on it this Saturday. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, because me and MG (and MGs cat) were both sick. We'll reschedule the studio session shortly. It was force majeure. We'll keep you posted!
Udate, Sep 10: Greetings from sunny Skara
Hello everyone. I'm still waiting for my cable connection here in Skara, so I'm at the library now. Like MG says, this pushes the release date back a bit, but hopefully not that far. I'm going home to Uppsala next weekend, primarily to work on the forthcoming demo. Once I get the cable connection at home, I'm thinking of setting up an ftp server so me and MG can send files back and forth (i.e., riffs, bass lines, stuff like that). It's a little frustrating because we've recorded so much of the new demo, and we wanna get the fucker finished. I've started to wish for 48 hours in a day. It's a very, VERY busy time in my life right now, but it's a lot of fun too and challenges are made to be met, so... yeah. Keep yer eyes peeled. Hello to everyone back home and everyone of my new friends too. See you in a bit.
-CW Antibody
Update, August 31: Wiberg has moved to Skara and we will finish the new demo by using a satellite-link between the two towns...
We are discussing a name for it and "Consigned to oblivion" is one of the favourites.
The song-recording is yet to come due to some problems with the melodies for "Wildfire", a song with a variety of some old and new material.
We are proud of how "tight" the guitars and bass sound. We´ve evolved as musicians though we actually haven´t rehearsed that much.
The preliminary releasedate is revised to the end of october, instead of september due to obvious reasons. 
Update, August 11: The instrumentalparts are done, recorded, distorted and imortalized. Many parts/riffs are so heavy and fast you can´t even see ém. (joke from the amazing, swedish, TV-series "Rena Rama Rolf") 
Now the leadsong and harmonies must be added and this is the most critical part of the work when my voice (MG) aren´t known for being scratchy-and-heavy.
UPDATE, August 6: Congratulations Claes!!! Claes is going to study some heavy "animal-nursery-or-vet" kind of thing in Skara. Obviously he is launching the escape-pod in case Antibody some day run out of money...
To have earned as much money as Antibody have can blind you and make you forget to give something back, Claes says.
As a bandmember and friend I can only sue him for being a ambitios son of a bitch.
UPDATE, Agust 3: Everything is working out nicely in the studio for our third demo. I (MG) will record the final rhythm- and sologuitars this week and we think they sound pretty nice. This demo will also contain a more characteristic bassound (more distorted) and we hope this will add some dynamics and weight. We don´t have a release-date yet but in a month we better be done recording.
UPDATE, July 12: New review from in the reviews section! We just got back from Gothenburg and we'll scribble something down in the webjournal about the trip. Right now, we need a minute or two to kick back. We have a few pics taken of us riding the rollercoaster at Liseberg; they'll be added on here in a bit. Laterz.
UPDATE, July 7: New review from in the reviews section!
UPDATE, July 3: ANTIBODY will be taking off for Gothenburg on July 8-12 for a combined vacation/planning of the next release. Promo copies of the "I love what you hate" CD will be given out at the Queensryche gig in Gothenburg on July 8; look for us. And look for the two degenerates at Liseberg that weekend!
"I'm not into being a rock star; I'm into being a pig." - Nikki Sixx
Other site news: a few of the lo-quality mp3:s and pics have had to be deleted due to account size restrictions...
UPDATE, June 23: Webjournal and links updated.
UPDATE, June 22: Interviews section added!
UPDATE, June 16: We appeared in Blabbermouth's news column today (info on the release of the new CD).
UPDATE, June 8: Reviews page updated again; nice review of "Dreaming this September" from!
UPDATE, June 2: Reviews page updated!
UPDATE, May 25: there are more interviews on the way; we should appear in Dawn Magazine ( in the not-too-distant future.
A number of people have asked for interviews this week, and we'll happily do them all. If you want an interview for your mag/zine/e-zine, just e-mail us and we'll do it!
By the way, the biography has been updated.
UPDATE, May 24: You can, as of today, buy our new CD at SKIVBÖRSEN in Uppsala. If they run out, or if you live somewhere else, e-mail us for ordering info. It's just 30 SEK including P&P!
More: there will be an ANTIBODY interview on in a little while; look for it. We'll add an interviews page on here later.
UPDATE, May 22: New review, albeit of the last CD, on We've added a reviews page where you can read it, and you'll find their website on the links page - check them out, it's a good webzine.



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