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[ANTIBODY - Consigned to oblivion]   [Order]
1. For those who died (Wiberg) [MP3]
- Recon (Gustafsson/Wiberg)
- If not now, when? (Gustafsson/Wiberg)
- Blood in my oxygen mask (Gustafsson/Wiberg)
2. Stalemate (Gustafsson) [MP3]
[ANTIBODY - I love what you hate]   [Order]
1. I love what you hate [MP3]
2. The mutiny... ...Shows that have no soul [MP3]
[ANTIBODY - Dreaming this September]   [Order]
1. Dreaming this September [MP3]
2. Going through the wall [MP3]
3. Head nor tails [MP3]
4. Add to my expenses [MP3]
5. The last day of summer (instr.) [MP3]