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UPDATE JAN 20: new website address!

The address for this website as of today:

The upgrade means we'll be able to put all our releases in mp3
format on the site (more space). All of this will be taken care
of in the not-too-distant future. I have a bunch of exams to get
through this week and the next, but then Ill get down to
business upgrading the website. Stay tuned.

We will be redesigning this website during 2005. A new pro
website (same URL) should be up sometime in the summmer
of 2005. In the meantime, get the new CD.



OK, so the holiday season is over and the new CD is ready
for shipping. E-mail us at
for ordering info, but hurry up - the 1000 copies of the last
CD sold out quickly. We may reissue it during 2005.

The mp3 section of this site will be updated with new stuff
soon - we gotta reassemble our brain cells after this hectic
year first. Thanks to all the people, mags and webzines who
supported us throughout 2004!

/CW Antibody


"Consigned to oblivion" is the most expensive recording so far.
Antibody Productions CFO, Anna Larsson, has estimated the total
expenses to about 2 500 euro. This is another reason for us to
hope for your blessing with this one.

UPDATE DEC 12: R.I.P., Dime

Rest in peace, Dimebag Darrell.

/CW Hellfukk

UPDATE NOV 15: Notes from hell.

As my fellow-bandmate announced in the "update" below, were
finished. Happy and pleased with the result we came to the
conclusion this is the most interesting demo, of the three.
Prepare for a journey and please listen to it more the twice
when its released. There are so many details added to the
whole koncept, you possibly cant catch them instantly. Yet
again weve evolved as musicians by making this demo.