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BORN: 1977
PLAYS: Carvin bass, backing vox/additional
vox/the odd lead vocal duet, Roland
ep-7e digital piano.
FOOD: Lamb korma w/ garlic bread, veggie pizza
(Uppsala only!), and whatever's around.
DRINK: Helplessly addicted to soda.
FAVE BANDS: David Bowie, Carcass, Megadeth,
Poison Idea, Skinny Puppy, Queensryche,
Garbage + millions more.
FAVE MOVIES: Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Monster.
FAVE BOOKS: "Shit magnet" - Jim Goad,
"American Psycho" - Bret Easton Ellis,
and every single book by Charles Bukowski.
QUOTE: "Controversy makes people think."
OTHER FACTS: C.W. writes for Swedish webzine and is studying
for a veterinary technician/vet
nurse degree.